Monday, April 18, 2011

Mirror site

Thus far, two posts have been temporarily removed by Blogger. These were a Lee Wiley compilation, and a various artists The Singers 1930s on the Columbia label. These have now been reposted on one of several mirror sites at Enjoy.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where Is Mr. Volstead?

Hi All,

Please make a note of this blog address:

This blog here is a pre-emptive measure now that a craven coward has decided to attack my blog. It doesn't matter that the music is public domain, all it takes for RS or MU to remove the links is one anonymous complaint.

Now, the sniveling coward has threatened to have Blogger shut me down.

Therefore, this blog will exist to let people know where the real blog is. Rest assured, the Page Mr. Volstead blog will continue to share this great (public domain) music from the Prohibition era (and the 30s-40s).

So please bookmark this blog address, or add it to the blogs you follow. If forced to move, I'm all set.

Cheers, and enjoy the music.

Chester Proudfoot